Monday, December 30

Needless to say....

I've been on a black and white editing binge. 

Saturday, March 23

Spring has sprung

Or at least until the temperatures dropped down to 21°F here last night.  Luckily I had the opportunity to get out and find these guys before the freezing temperatures set in.  I hope the bluebells survived!  

Sunday, March 17

Bath Time

Or at least it's time for a trip to Bath County, VA.

Saturday, March 9

Saturday, January 19

City Streets

There is just something cool about city streets at night when there are very few people around.  This is uptown Martinsville, Va.  A quiet place on a weekday night.

Thursday, January 17

Henry Star Trails

The original Henry, Virginia post office.
More images of my night out under the stars can be found here: